A-cc Folder Encryptor

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

More or less everyone's computer has not let other people see the "secret documents", Internet computer invasion of privacy to be stolen at any time be dangerous (anti-virus software can only against known viruses, hackers, and Trojans can not prevent theft access information), in order to protect their privacy, is necessary to give these "secret documents / confidential folders" on the lock. Maybe you do not think there is no need to confidential documents!? You know: Hackers steal credit card numbers to mean that if the loss of money, steal your information such as if the phone number, mail, contacts, documents, etc., you can use them to do bad things or to harm your family, friends, colleagues, and other units, such cases are numerous, unless your computer, nothing! so everyone has the information necessary to protect their safety.

"A-cc Folder Encryptor" A-cc Folder Encryptor is professional file and folder encryption software. known as the best use of the Internet's most popular five-star coolest folder encryption software! Special anti-theft feature unique offline protection, encrypted data can not be decrypted to leave your computer. With its escort, computer data more secure, better protection of personal privacy! Simple operation can use powerful software!

The best folder encryption software! [strongly recommended] Description: folder encryption, file encryption, protection of personal privacy essential tools the best choice!
1. high-strength file encryption / folder encryption and security protection of the double encrypted offline, encrypted file from the machine can not decrypt.
2. set encrypted folder / hidden folder in one, fast and efficient file encryption, do not take up system resources, without process.
3. original human design, no need to decrypt the encrypted folder directly to the file, use the end of the intelligent control automatically encrypted folder.
4. defensive copy folder encryption, anti delete, anti-virus, encryption software agents be uninstalled, still will not unlock the encrypted folder.
. encrypted hidden folder protection, is hidden management, encryption system, enhanced protection of cast iron wall.
. file encryption intelligent protection system encrypted folder right quick, convenient and user-friendly design, novice as worry-free operation.
. more advanced features: universal file encryption locks / exe file lock / USB data protection / USB System Protection / Ambulance / function code..
Reliably protect your files and folders from prying eyes!

A-cc Folder Encryptor is professional file and folder encryption software.

A-cc Folder Encryptor

A-cc Folder Encryptor:Folder encryption privacy tools necessary!

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