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A-cc Folder Encryptor

How convenient and efficient use of A-cc Folder Encryptor
Folder encryption: a main folder (not on the system where the partition C drive to ensure that the system file is not lost when problems arise), such as D: \ emperor dedicated folder, another folder in the main building, such as sub-folders "Document", "image","movie ", "other"and subdirectories, simply use the "secret folder " home folder encryption protection can be achieved. This benefit is in the secret folder double-click to open or decrypt a folder to access the use of all of the documents, very easy to use and decrypt the user's recovery

A-cc Folder Encryptor Vista/Windows7 whether to support the latest operating system folder encryption?
Full support Vista/Windows7 folder encryption, you can use the right encryption, such as intelligence testing all the features of automatic recovery

A-cc Folder Encryptor for file / folder encryption security strength it?
Super Secret file / folder encryption security high-strength double encryption strength, encrypted files are protected anti-theft function offline, away from the computer can not decrypt encrypted. Super Secret Folder Encryption software uses the latest high international high security strength encryption algorithm, encryption mode dual national initiative to ensure that users of the data is absolutely safe.

A-cc Folder Encryptor double encrypted files can not be decrypted to get another computer?
Can not, double encrypted files are protected anti-theft feature offline and can not get the other computer to decrypt! Force crack damage files.

A-cc Folder Encryptor file / folder encryption double note:
File / folder when you encrypt or decrypt the double anti-virus software or turn off real-time monitoring software (NOD32 has no effect on the test), to avoid interference with encryption to prevent accidental damage to the file (encrypted before your own backup). Is not encrypted on the computer for other operations to avoid interference, encryption 10MB file about 10 seconds, file size determines the processing time should be patient and wait for completion of the file do not cause damage to force close the software! Oversized file / folder encryption for a long time does not recommend the use of double encryption.

A-cc Folder Encryptor decrypt the list is empty when you have to decrypt the folder or disk partitions have the same name the folder the same level ..... tips:
First, the folder has passed the "rescue" or "data recovery" decryption, but the list is still displayed. Solution can be prompted to remove Second, the software detected the same level directory of the disk has the same list with the encrypted folder name, to avoid data coverage, the operation will be suspended. Solution: The disk at the same level directory rename the folder, then the decryption can be. The third is the drive letter changes, such as a removable disk, U disk drive letter change, or redo the system led to the drive letter changes. Solution: Use Advanced - Ambulance function - input path of the original letter can be decrypted recovery operations.

A-cc Folder Encryptor why not allow encryption system folder?
Run-time system calls related to system files, folders, if the encryption system files, system folders may cause the system to run without normal or crash. So, can not encrypt system files, system folders. If you do not know how to differentiate, the easiest way is to install the operating system after all is not going to bring their own folders for file folder encryption, Deluxe Edition original intelligent modules enable the system folder protection, beginners to the safe use of, any encryption without having to worry about encryption system folder, intelligent protection is secure. The correct way: the data to be encrypted into their new folder (not recommended into the C drive), and then encrypted.

A-cc Folder Encryptor folder encryption will take up more disk space?
No, because the folder folder encryption super secret agent is the system used by the underlying encryption technology, it will not take up disk space.

Reinstall the system encryption after A-cc Folder Encryptor list does not show?
Reinstall the operating system, if you format the system or install the C drive, the C-Yiwai encrypted data is not lost, and is still safe to be encrypted, of course, your C-encrypted data certainly does not exist, so After the encrypted data is best not to put the system disk. Trial users can use A-cc Folder Encryptor of the ambulance function, enter the full path of the original folder decrypt the rescue operation resumed, the registered version you can use the restore function automatically detects the recovery or contact technical support (To prevent any possible accidents, we suggest you to decrypt those encrypted folders before performing any special operations.)

If I uninstalled the A-cc Folder Encryptor software, encryption can open the folder after it?
In the trial period as long as you reinstall the same version of a "A-cc Folder Encryptor" function you can use the software to open encrypted folder. The same version no problem, the registered version of smart data recovery mode is compatible with all versions.

If I uninstalled the A-cc Folder Encryptor software, along with encrypted folder to uninstall it?
You can rest assured that along with the encrypted folder will not uninstall because the uninstall software and folder encryption / decryption has nothing to do.

A-cc Folder Encryptor Incompatible software versions:
This usually appears when your data is encrypted with a very old version of the software, and you upgrade the software directly from that to the latest version. Recent versions, however, are compatible with each other. If it is really such a situation, you can either reinstall the old version with which you encrypted the data, or you can get help from the full version’s First Aid Center.

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